Our history

In 15 years Raffaele Congiu begins the professional career in the company which is engaged in production in illuminated signs. Exactly there he comprehends elements of technology of processing of lamps with the cold cathode from with own hand blown glass. Shaken by color scale and potential opportunities of this equipment, he decides to leave Sardinia and to seize as it is possible better this unusual profession.
Having got acquainted with skilled masters, he acquires the professional knowledge and skills intending only for descendants of these skillful masters because secrets of this profession were handed down only and from generation to generation.

Passes time, the equipment and professionalism reach such level that it is possible to open own business. So Rosa neon which will grow arises and will turn into which is called Progetto Punto Neon today.

The sacrifice made for mastering a profession and creative thinking helped Raffaele to become, despite his youthful age, one of the few craft masters demanded at the international level.

The same passion was shared at once also by his wife Rosanna with whom they created the enterprise well-known on all island and beyond its limits.
Now, as well as it is necessary by all traditions, they imparted the knowledge to the son Stephano who, having been delighted with a profession, follows in the footsteps of parents. It is the typical family company with craft production in which the professionals specializing on design of systems of lighting for satisfaction of any needs of clients work.