Our vision

Our “profession” not simply is pleasant to us, we are really keen on it: by means of light we try to change appearance of rooms and to allocate them with character and vital force so that this merge of an esthetics and functionality it would be possible to affect a state of mind and mood of people.
Light creates a certain atmosphere.
Lighting it is necessary for satisfaction of paramount needs of the person for real life in this connection there is a need constantly to be engaged in the research work aimed at protection of health and wellbeing of the person, and also at ensuring functionality and awakening of strong emotions.
Well lit room allows to perform work easily and quickly in safe conditions for health of the person.
We adhere to that point of view that, first of all, it is necessary to use natural light but taking into account that we spend the most part of our time in the enclosed space, it is necessary to pay a close attention to their lighting and to make it the most effective.
Light plays very important role in our life, gives to feeling of comfort and wellbeing, than we were engaged in various rooms in which there passes our life.
Our work gives us the chance to model light, in the best way opening the potential of space and changing rooms, and also using all latest technologies which are available at our disposal at the moment. Today the reached level of professionalism allows us to solve problems which seemed impracticable earlier.