Technical information

  • Technical information
  • Comparison of “the cold cathode” and “diode”
  • Luminescent lamp
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Technical information

Progetto Punto Neon is leading company in the field of production, development and providing consulting services in the sphere of light decisions. Besides, we make and we certify electric equipment for public and industrial facilities. In the company handicraftsmen and workers with documentary confirmed experience, architects, engineers, technical specialists and sales managers work who can meet any requirements.
Our target audience is ambitious clients who want to emphasize the identity. We propose the most innovative solutions presented in the market at the moment at reasonable prices and according to the existing standards.
We can create the light environment of any form with possibility of a dimmering of lighting and use of the wide color scale awakening such scenarios which seemed inconceivableto life still yesterday. We pay much attention to researches and skill development.
The wide scale of color temperatures is available: from 2,400 °K to 9500 °K.
Stability of color and color rendition (Color rendition coefficient) to CRI 94 do our light decisions unique in own way.
The term of their service in normal conditions for internal interiors is estimated approximately at 50.000 o’clock, and for external interiors this figure can grow twice.
In view of that fact that our tubes possess high resistance to different influences, their diameter varies from 6 mm to 25 mm, and length – from several cm to 300 cm, we are able to meet any requirements of our clients.
Our decisions don’t create a radio noise, they can be realized irrespective of existence in perimeter of other electronic devices, including, highly sensitive.
Working temperature of our equipment can reach such indicators which are considered unacceptable for production of other producers. We check each development by means of the special software, 3D simulation and laboratory researches, and also we test all our production.
We define the arrangement and the type of illuminants.


Comparison of “the cold cathode” and “diode”

– the radiated light stream / rated capacity without power supplyFew years ago in the market of illuminants there was a new light source: light-emitting diode. As well as all novelties he was perceived by some as the savior of all lighting branch, the new open horizon, and others poured charges of its insolvency. Generally the judgments expressed interested persons and didn’t contain criticism. The serious analysis of potential opportunities of new system can be made only by means of comparison of technical/economic characteristics of various light sources presented in the market.
Naturally some long ago light sources known to us can’t compete to new technologies, except for, maybe, only at all cases when for comparison such parameter as profitability of production is used. “Other” sources which are recently invented or already strengthened in the market can complete on equal terms in the comparative analysis which parameters have to be: reliability of work, average service life, light efficiency,product standardization, availability in the market, flexibility in use, impact on environment, possibility of use with illuminants, etc. Expression “as equals” is understood as the comparison including set of the above parameters on each of which the preference can be given to some certain light source for the reasons which are a priori difficult for defining and which can be revealed only in each case of use of light source.
In general, it is difficult to create pointed lighting by means of luminescent lamps while by means of light-emitting diodes it is absolutely simple task. And vice versa: use of light-emitting diodes for the device of linear lamps with a radiation corner – 360 ° will contradict common sense. Who wants to debate on this subject, will find numerous options of application in which that one, other technology will be more preferable, functional, economic, etc.
Therefore on a question: “what lighting is better: luminescent or light-emitting diode?” the definite answer can’t be given, pros and cons of both solutions the great variety can be found. But the people working in this branch are able to compare figures, and figures don’t lie:

– the radiated light stream / rated capacity with the power supply
– possibility of adjustment
– effective service life (that is service life before decrease in a light stream by 20% of face value)
– radiation range
– color rendition coefficient
– the price / the radiated stream/duration
– prime cost, installation
These are those parameters which have to be analyzed. And strictly speaking, they have to be analyzed taking into account a real situation in which it is carried out the monage, and the demanded visual effect.


Luminescent lamp

Often we look for inexpensive lighting decisions, in most cases, because of a lack of time, information, underestimation of importance of a problem and absence of alternative. And only upon termination of works we start realizing that high energy consumption and high cost of maintenance make our choice expensive and a little functional. New green technologies are aimed at reduction of amount of the material which is subject to replacement and utilization, the strong light stream for many years five times surpassing a luminescent lamp. Lamps with the cold cathode are the luminescent lamps made separately, a craft way by professional glass blowers. In most cases the equipment is installed together with transformers which power doesn’t exceed 1000V. According tothe standards this equipment – a low voltage.Luminescent lamp with the cold cathode, “almost” unfamiliar Universe

Transformers are equipped with all necessary built-in protective elements, they protect from electric discharges, including, in case of casual contact with one of the feeding lamp wires. Lamps which we make, correspond to the standard of EN 50107, can be established in the rain and perfectly work even in the absence of any additional protection. Lamps with the cold cathode can’t be established in water. Thus it is necessary to know, what even in case of casual immersion contact with water won’t cause an electric discharge.
Flasks by diameter from 6mm to 25mm, with sections in ascending order are presented in our catalog of lamps: 6mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm and 25mm. Existence of flowers and diameters should be specified for each order separately.
We can create lamps of any form and with any bend, and also any length in the range from 3sm to 300sm with an accuracy of millimeter. With such characteristics of production we are able to meet any design requirements, even the most courageous.
Lamps are connected among themselves and don’t need a contour of preliminary heating.
Installation is simple and doesn’t demanda lot of time: some lamps, including, different sizes which sum of power doesn’t exceed power unit power can be connected to each power unit.
This world presented by color temperatures from 2.400K to 9.500K with the minimum intervals between them is suitable for creation of any environment.
It should be noted excellent stability of color and the color rendition (Color rendition coefficient) to 94. This luminescent world is presented by tens shades in the range from 1.900 ° to 10.000 °K.
It is necessary to add unique color scale of our color lamps to it. They are presented in more than 40 “light” flowers received from special phosphors and valuable glass (Muransky glass).
Taking into account these characteristics our production perfectly is suitable for illumination of shops, exhibition areas, the museums and any architectural space where exact vision of color is an integral part of the qualitative project of lighting.
Lamps with the cold cathode guarantee an excellent constant luminescence in installations with the reflected light. The technology of production of the cold cathode levels the effect of a shadow (shadow gaps and hot sposts) arising because of intermittence of the radiation and heat developed by electrodes of a classical luminescent lamp (neon).
Lamps with the cold cathode are connected to the equipment which can control a light stream by means of classical systems of dimmering (1-10V, DALI, etc.). Service life is estimated approximately at 100.000 o’clock. Continuous inclusions and switching off, effect of flash or any other play of light don’t influence lamp service life duration in any way.
The lamps with the cold cathode possessing these characteristics are considered as one of the most durable light sources of all scale presented at the moment in the market.
Our decisions don’t create a radio noise, they can be realized irrespective of existence in perimeter of other electronic devices, including, highly sensitive.
Working temperature of our lamps can reach such indicators which are considered unacceptable for production of other producers, from -40 ° to +80 °C. They are ideally suited both for internal, and for external interiors.
In view of the lowered thermal radiation in comparison with usual luminescent lamps at the identical power consumption, our lamps are suitable for installation in rooms, small on the area, including, near the thermodegrading or valuable materials.
The cold cathode (cold cathode) is an ideal compromise of the price quality for any lighting installations, costs of which maintenance.


Stretch ceiling

Progetto Punto Neon is leading company in the field of development and providing consulting services in the sphere of light decisions and thermoplastic stretch ceilings. In the company architects, engineers, technical specialists, sales managers and highly specialized workers who can meet any requirements work. Our employees are ready to give specialized support in development of the strategic approaches aimed at the correct calculation of the geometrical sizes, preparation of drawings and search of optimum technological decisions. Thermoplastic membranes from PVC, known as stretch ceilings, are made in seven options of finishing and 200 flowers. Besides, there is separate ruler for external interiors.Ceiling which gives emotions

The beauty and versatility made this product a favourite element of an interior which can be used in any context where are required lighting, elegance and purity, whether it be a public place or the private house.

What is the stretch ceiling?
Stretch ceilings are very easy membranes from PVC (180g/m.kv.), the finishings executed with application of different types (glossy, metallized, opaque, sateen, translucent, suede, punched) and presented in more than 200 shades and textures which can be picked up for taste and the requirement of the client.
After the sizes of the area which has to be closed are calculated, membranes from PVC are cut, cook among themselves by means of the special high-frequency equipment and are packed for the subsequent use. Membranes from PVC consist of a special molecule with effect of shape memory. They are packed in quantity 7% less than the set area. They can be any form and any size that allows to cover with one cloth a surface in 50 sq.m. without vertical saggings and deflections which could arise under weight of the ceiling. Material can be painted, on it it is possible to fill drawing to gain additional effects, it is completely waterproofand it can be washed. This product doesn’t demand maintenance, is hygienic, isn’t toxic, has all European certificates.
Thanks to its flexibility, it is possible to create really difficult forms (the arches, domes, modular panels) which weigh very little in comparison with classical systems of the device of stretch ceilings.

The purpose of production of thermoplastic cloths is the minimum negative impact on environment that becomes possible, thanks to the steady and completely utilized materials. It is important that it doesn’t affect efficiency of process of installation in any way.
Thanks to our constant aspiration to make production steadier, at the moment we can designate essential advantages of our materials in respect of environmental friendliness. We paid special attention to all stages, beginning from production of material and finishing it with use and processing, having analysed all its life cycle. Having reduced use of valuable resources (is 95% less in comparison with usual production cycles), it is possible to develop innovative projects and at the same time to preserve the peace round us for future generations.

Way of installation
Installation of a stretch ceiling is carried out by means of heat guns which heat the room that promotes cloth stretching. When temperature of the room reaches 40 – 50C, it is possible to begin installation of a cloth manually and by means of special shovels to attach it to a profile.
If necessary to make maintenance or replacement the stretch ceiling can be easily dismantled and again established partially or completely infinite number of times.

Advantages of a stretch ceiling.
Use of a stretch ceiling has a set of advantages in respect of the speed of installation, ease, availability to service and quality of finishing, and also allows to create streamline architectural shapes with tremendous esthetic effect. Thanks to special structure it can be used even in rooms with the increased humidity.
The special attention is paid to finishings with “above ceiling” light which promote uniform distribution radiated by a light source and allow to reduce its intensity by 30% that is proved by numerous lighting tests. For all types of finishing there are acoustic versions which effectively absorb the reflected sound and guarantee optimum result for gyms, restaurants, conference halls and pools.
Fire danger class – according to the European standards – the class B-S2, d0 a class 1 according to the Italian standards.

All ceilings have 10-year warranty.
• Quality
• Aseismic
• Nonflammable
• Steady against UV rays
• Economic
• Idle time in transportation
• Easy
• Fast installation
• Water-proof
• Modular
• Lit
• Maintenance

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