Stretch ceiling

Ceiling which gives emotions

Progetto Punto Neon is leading company in the field of development and providing consulting services in the sphere of light decisions and thermoplastic stretch ceilings. In the company architects, engineers, technical specialists, sales managers and highly specialized workers who can meet any requirements work. Our employees are ready to give specialized support in development of the strategic approaches aimed at the correct calculation of the geometrical sizes, preparation of drawings and search of optimum technological decisions. Thermoplastic membranes from PVC, known as stretch ceilings, are made in seven options of finishing and 200 flowers. Besides, there is separate ruler for external interiors.
The beauty and versatility made this product a favourite element of an interior which can be used in any context where are required lighting, elegance and purity, whether it be a public place or the private house.

What is the stretch ceiling?
Stretch ceilings are very easy membranes from PVC (180g/m.kv.), the finishings executed with application of different types (glossy, metallized, opaque, sateen, translucent, suede, punched) and presented in more than 200 shades and textures which can be picked up for taste and the requirement of the client.
After the sizes of the area which has to be closed are calculated, membranes from PVC are cut, cook among themselves by means of the special high-frequency equipment and are packed for the subsequent use. Membranes from PVC consist of a special molecule with effect of shape memory. They are packed in quantity 7% less than the set area. They can be any form and any size that allows to cover with one cloth a surface in 50 sq.m. without vertical saggings and deflections which could arise under weight of the ceiling. Material can be painted, on it it is possible to fill drawing to gain additional effects, it is completely waterproofand it can be washed. This product doesn’t demand maintenance, is hygienic, isn’t toxic, has all European certificates.
Thanks to its flexibility, it is possible to create really difficult forms (the arches, domes, modular panels) which weigh very little in comparison with classical systems of the device of stretch ceilings.

The purpose of production of thermoplastic cloths is the minimum negative impact on environment that becomes possible, thanks to the steady and completely utilized materials. It is important that it doesn’t affect efficiency of process of installation in any way.
Thanks to our constant aspiration to make production steadier, at the moment we can designate essential advantages of our materials in respect of environmental friendliness. We paid special attention to all stages, beginning from production of material and finishing it with use and processing, having analysed all its life cycle. Having reduced use of valuable resources (is 95% less in comparison with usual production cycles), it is possible to develop innovative projects and at the same time to preserve the peace round us for future generations.

Way of installation
Installation of a stretch ceiling is carried out by means of heat guns which heat the room that promotes cloth stretching. When temperature of the room reaches 40 – 50C, it is possible to begin installation of a cloth manually and by means of special shovels to attach it to a profile.
If necessary to make maintenance or replacement the stretch ceiling can be easily dismantled and again established partially or completely infinite number of times.

Advantages of a stretch ceiling.
Use of a stretch ceiling has a set of advantages in respect of the speed of installation, ease, availability to service and quality of finishing, and also allows to create streamline architectural shapes with tremendous esthetic effect. Thanks to special structure it can be used even in rooms with the increased humidity.
The special attention is paid to finishings with “above ceiling” light which promote uniform distribution radiated by a light source and allow to reduce its intensity by 30% that is proved by numerous lighting tests. For all types of finishing there are acoustic versions which effectively absorb the reflected sound and guarantee optimum result for gyms, restaurants, conference halls and pools.
Fire danger class – according to the European standards – the class B-S2, d0 a class 1 according to the Italian standards.

All ceilings have 10-year warranty.
• Quality
• Aseismic
• Nonflammable
• Steady against UV rays
• Economic
• Idle time in transportation
• Easy
• Fast installation
• Water-proof
• Modular
• Lit
• Maintenance

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