Technical process

Progetto Punto Neon is leading company in the field of production, development and providing consulting services in the sphere of light decisions. Besides, we make and we certify electric equipment for public and industrial facilities. In the company handicraftsmen and workers with documentary confirmed experience, architects, engineers, technical specialists and sales managers work who can meet any requirements.
Our target audience is ambitious clients who want to emphasize the identity. We propose the most innovative solutions presented in the market at the moment at reasonable prices and according to the existing standards.
We can create the light environment of any form with possibility of a dimmering of lighting and use of the wide color scale awakening such scenarios which seemed inconceivableto life still yesterday. We pay much attention to researches and skill development.
The wide scale of color temperatures is available: from 2,400 °K to 9500 °K.
Stability of color and color rendition (Color rendition coefficient) to CRI 94 do our light decisions unique in own way.
The term of their service in normal conditions for internal interiors is estimated approximately at 50.000 o’clock, and for external interiors this figure can grow twice.
In view of that fact that our tubes possess high resistance to different influences, their diameter varies from 6 mm to 25 mm, and length – from several cm to 300 cm, we are able to meet any requirements of our clients.
Our decisions don’t create a radio noise, they can be realized irrespective of existence in perimeter of other electronic devices, including, highly sensitive.
Working temperature of our equipment can reach such indicators which are considered unacceptable for production of other producers. We check each development by means of the special software, 3D simulation and laboratory researches, and also we test all our production.
We define the arrangement and the type of illuminants.